Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chat #7 Transcript Now Available

In case you missed our chat tonight or wish to revisit a wonderful dialogue, the transcript for our chat over Yoga Sutras, chapter 1 is now available at

Our next chat will be next week, August 22nd, from 6pm to 8pm CST. We will begin reading our second selection: Yoga in America. The chapters we will cover will be announced on Monday (8/17).

Namaste, Jenny and Nancy

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Discussion Questions for Chapts 11-14

Here are some discussion questions for Chapters 11-14, Chat #5. More to come...

How has yoga changed your awareness of your interactions with others? Has yoga changed only your awareness of these interactions, or has it also changed the interactions themselves? In what ways has it done so? In what ways has yoga changed your relationship with your self?

In your own life, do you incorporate an awareness of the Yamas and Niyamas? In what ways? Is there one in particular upon which you focus?

How do you attempt to ready your ind for Dharana? (Asana, meditation, etc). Do you have a meditation practice? If so inclined, describe it to us.

Which of the 9 obstacles is most present in your life or recurs most often? In what ways to do you attempt to overcome this obstacle? What has proven most helpful in doing so?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Chat #4 Transcript

Chat #4 Transcript is available on the site in the Forums section. Once again it was an enlightening, inspiring conversation. Thanks to all that joined and to those who had technical difficulties we hope they can be ironed out by next week.

Next chat Sun Aug 2 6-8 pm CST on Chapters 11-14. Namaste, Nancy and Jenny

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tweet Contest Finalists

Congrats to our two tweet contest finalists (you know who you are)! You will each win a copy of Yoga in America, our second book. For the rest of you, you still have a chance to vote for which of these two gentlemen will be the lucky grand prize winner and selector of book #3. Their tweets are listed below, please vote A or B in the poll to the right by Aug 1.

To the grand prize winner: Your choice must be a book that is style specific from one of the following styles (or another approved by us first). After picking a style please give us an email w/ two books, your first choice and an alternative so we can make sure it is accessible for all club members and available to get worldwide. If you are interested, you can also be in charge of leading chats and discussion questions for your chosen book.

Style choices:


The tweets to vote on are here:

A.) heart of yoga gets to the heart of it in a simple easy to read style a must read for any yoga practitioner or teacher


The knowledge of Yoga is infinite like the Universe Desikachars 'Heart of Yoga' reveals its true essence by inspiring the practice of Yoga

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chat #4 Chapters 8-10 Discussion questions

Here are some discussion/thought questions for chapters 8-10. Feel free to add your own in the comments section. Happy reading! Namaste, Nancy and Jenny.

1.) How do you define yoga? If all of TKVs definitions of yoga contain "change," how have you seen change become present w/doing yoga?

2.)How are parninamavada and satvada present in your practice? How do you encourage them?

3.) Which of the four forms of avidya dogs you most? How do you counteract it and is yoga a part of that process?

4.) Do you find yourself focusing on the steps to something, or merely the results? For example, do you relish the thought that you have done a headstand successfully, or do you enjoy the power, strength and presence that got you to that pose?

5.) TKV does not think gurus/swamis are the way, he definies "dhyana" as strengthening self-sufficiency and says that "Yoga makes us independent." (pg 83) How does this conflict/compliment your approach? How can yogis that follow gurus/swamis work within this defininition/description?

6.)How in your practice do you work to reduce tamas and rajas?

7.) Have you noticed an increase in your sensitivity to suffering/issues as a result of your practice and dhuka? In other words, TKV says that those that are aware are more sensitive, do you find this about yourself and has yoga changed/helped/hurt this? (pg. 88)

8.)How do you encourage parivrtti in your practice? Do you go to different teachers? Do you go to different studios? Do you change your location w/in the studio/home?

9.) How does your practice allow you to see the difference between purusa and praktri? Do you suffer from samyoga? (pg 94) What can you do in your practice to clarify things?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Chat #3 transcript

Chat # 3 transcript is now available in the forum section of the ning site ( . We did not post it here because it is so long. Chatting was terrific! Next chat is next Sun 7/26 6-8 pm CST on chapters 8-10. Hope to see you there! Namaste'

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Discussion Questions for Chat #3: Pranayama and Bandhas

1.) What sort of pranayama do you use in your practice? Do you use it in the beginning, middle or end of your practice as Desikachar suggests?

2.) What styles of pranayama do you find useful? do you dislike? do you think certain students should use (why?) or not (why not?)?

3.) Do you generally practice the idea that inhale and exhale lengths should be the same? Desikachar suggests trying a breathing count of twelve using our hands, have you tried this? succeeded or not?

4.) What role does pranayama play in your practice? Does it serve as a focusing point, does it serve to raise energy?

5.) What aspects of pranayama did you feel his discussion lacked? Do you think that doing it only under the guidance of a teacher is appropriate or too cautious?

6.) How do you use bandhas in your practice? Do you combine them with pranayama or not?

7.) Are you able to engage the bandhas (all three or individual ones)? Can you do it through a sun salutation? An entire practice?

8.) How does your style of yoga emphasize pranayama and bandhas? Are they important or secondary to asanas?