Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chat #4 Chapters 8-10 Discussion questions

Here are some discussion/thought questions for chapters 8-10. Feel free to add your own in the comments section. Happy reading! Namaste, Nancy and Jenny.

1.) How do you define yoga? If all of TKVs definitions of yoga contain "change," how have you seen change become present w/doing yoga?

2.)How are parninamavada and satvada present in your practice? How do you encourage them?

3.) Which of the four forms of avidya dogs you most? How do you counteract it and is yoga a part of that process?

4.) Do you find yourself focusing on the steps to something, or merely the results? For example, do you relish the thought that you have done a headstand successfully, or do you enjoy the power, strength and presence that got you to that pose?

5.) TKV does not think gurus/swamis are the way, he definies "dhyana" as strengthening self-sufficiency and says that "Yoga makes us independent." (pg 83) How does this conflict/compliment your approach? How can yogis that follow gurus/swamis work within this defininition/description?

6.)How in your practice do you work to reduce tamas and rajas?

7.) Have you noticed an increase in your sensitivity to suffering/issues as a result of your practice and dhuka? In other words, TKV says that those that are aware are more sensitive, do you find this about yourself and has yoga changed/helped/hurt this? (pg. 88)

8.)How do you encourage parivrtti in your practice? Do you go to different teachers? Do you go to different studios? Do you change your location w/in the studio/home?

9.) How does your practice allow you to see the difference between purusa and praktri? Do you suffer from samyoga? (pg 94) What can you do in your practice to clarify things?

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