Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yoga Book Club Selection #2

We have chosen book #2 for the club thanks to a wonderful donation by @Florianyoga or to you non-Twitterites, Deborah Bernstein. Deborah has donated to our club several copies of her new book:

Yoga in America: Passion Diversity and Enlightenment In the Word's of Some of Yoga's Most Ardent Teachers.
ed. D. Bernstein and B. Weisenberg

We love this book because it covers a broad spectrum of yoga styles, and is straight from the mat of yogis like ourselves. It is a wonderful introduction to a series of "style" focused books as you have requested. We hope that this book will help us as a group decide future reads, and allow us to have fruitful discussions about many different approaches to yoga. Best of all, Deborah donates a portion of the profits to firefighters and soldiers. She does great work and we are happy to suppport her efforts. For more on Deb, check out her website at

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  1. How do we go about getting these books? are the on amazon?